The Vandal Resistant Faucet Solution for Your High Traffic Restroom

Let’s face it at some point or another we have all had to use a public restroom, in stadiums, schools, museums, airports, hospitals etc.  After you’ve stood in that never-ending line and are finally ready to get out of there, nothing is more annoying than trying to wash your hands and the faucet has been vandalized and no longer functions.  From a user perspective this is a major annoyance, from an owner/maintenance perspective, this is EXPENSIVE!

What’s the solution to keep these faucets safe and functional?  Vandal resistant faucets.  These faucets are virtually impenetrable from senseless faucet attacks.  Some key features when looking for a vandal resistance faucet include deeply recessed or covered screw holes, brass bodies, recessed aerators, and above counter housing of faucet components.  When these features come together, the faucet becomes more secure and less appealing to try to dismantle.

One of the restrooms with the greatest need for these types of faucets, are school public restrooms.  From April 1 – August 31st, Speakman Company is running a special for our popular S-9010 vandal resistant faucet of a Buy 5, Get 1 Faucet Free.  The S-9010 is:

  • Made of lead free brass
  • All components housed above counter in the faucet body
  • Fully recessed/ vandal resistant aerator
  • Recessed sensor lens & low battery warning light

To learn about the other features of the S-9010 faucet you can view our full product overview at

Interested in learning more about the Buy 5, Get 1 Free Promotion? Contact your local Speakman Sales Representative.


5 thoughts on “The Vandal Resistant Faucet Solution for Your High Traffic Restroom

  1. They have these sort of taps in my local pub, I have to say that they are great really, you don’t have to mess about hitting the tap hard in order for it to work.

  2. I think these taps are a fantastic invention, I mean lets face it, them taps that you have to push in order to get them to work are a sheer nightmare.

  3. I love these sorts of taps, especially if you have kids, they are fantastic, kids are a nightmare with taps in general so any that switch themselves on win my vote.

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