There has been a lot of press lately surrounding the issue of scalding especially with regards to the use of low flow showerheads.  It’s become such an important issue recently the American Society of Sanitary Engineers has pulled together a Scald Awareness Task Group to get the word out about the dangers of scalding which is caused by shower valves not providing proper protection against scalding, especially when used with ah low flow showerhead.

This month Construction Specifier ran an article on scald prevention co-authored by Speakman’s Director of New Product Development, Bill Walbrandt.  The full article can be found here!

Speakman is proud to have a product line which contributes to lowering the scald rate.  If you still haven’t heard anything about the SentinelPro T/P Shower Valve line, here’s a short video to explain a little bit about what makes these valves so unique.





One thought on “SCALDING!

  1. We are glad to know that you share info about industry products that may have effect our usage and Thank you because you contribute a product line that will make your consumer experience better convenience.

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