Lead Free Is the Way to Be!

We are pleased to announce that our SEF-1800 is now available as a lead free CA AB 1953 & Vermont Act 193 compliant product, SEF-1800-CA.  The addition of lead free Eyesaver faucets was critical as the products is used every day as a faucet.  The SEF-1800-CA Eyesaver faucet is a combination eyewash and gooseneck faucet where each component operates independently and there is never a danger of delivering scalding water to the eyes.  In addition to No lead certification, the Eyesaver Faucet line has also been certified to meet ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, including NSF 61, Sec 9.

The SEF-1800 operates from a single plumbed source for both the eyewash and the faucet, making it easy to install, space efficient and cost effective.  The key to the SEF-1800’s success is two separate water channels which allow the faucet and eyewash to operate independently and simultaneously without a danger of delivering scalding water through the eyewash to the user unlike many faucet mounted eyewashes.  In addition to maximum protection, the SEF-1800 is cheaper to install than many of its faucet mounted competitors.

“Creating a lead free version of the SEF-1800 was critical for our customers in California and Vermont,” said Glenn Mergelmeyer, Speakman West Regional Sales Manager, “Even though safety equipment does not fall under the guidelines of AB1953, it is imperative to the industry and our customers that we continue to strive to bring out the best in our products, by providing this in a lead free version; I believe we are setting a standard”.

The SEF-1000-CA and SEF-1800-CA-SL are also available as lead free products.  The SEF-1800-CA Eyesaver Faucet is just one model in the ANSI Z358.1 compliant Eyesaver Faucet product line.  The line includes various sink configurations to meet the needs of any facility including sensor operated faucets.


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