Introducing Anystream Massage!

Speakman Company is proud to introduce the next generation of Speakman shower products, Anystream® Massage.  The Anystream Massage product family was designed to provide luxurious, full-body sprays from ergonomically designed fixtures. By simply rotating the showerhead faceplate users can transition effortlessly through gentle rain, full-flood and therapeutic, pulsating massage sprays.

Like many of its predecessors the Anystream Massage products use precision-engineered Speakman components and materials that resist sediment buildup and are self-cleaning.  The 5 adjustable stream nozzles and 12 center pulsating massage jets combine to produce 50 invigorating full-body sprays under any water pressure.   Each Speakman showerhead is equipped with a 2.5 gallon per minute flow restrictor to limit the flow of water through the showerhead.

The Anystream Massage Product Family offers something for everyone with six available models to choose from including a fixed, hand-held and combination shower systems.  The hand-held shower features an extra long hose, allowing for complete freedom of movement and easy bath times for children and pets.  The products are also available in three designer finishes, Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Polished Brass.

The Anystream Massage Shower Products will be replacing the Anystream Euro™ Shower products.  Anystream Massage shower products are currently in stock and available for order.  To find out more about these product please visit or contact Speakman’s Customer Service Department at 1(800)537-2107.


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