Dangers Related to Screw-on & Faucet Mounted Eyewashes

SAFETY HAZARDS in the workplace are a serious liability concern for many companies, your emergency equipment should not be one of them.  Many people are unaware of the Dangers related to screw-on or faucet mounted eyewashes.

SCREW-ON EYEWASH require a 2-step activation process, which may not comply with the ANSI Z358.1 eyewash standard. ANSI Z358.1 requires that an eyewash can be activated in 1 second or less to be compliant.

WHEN ACTIVATING the eyewash there is a potential that the hot water valve could be activated, scalding the user’s eyes. OSHA has indicated that if a potential for the eyes to be scalded exists, a citation is in order.Many screw-on eyewash manufacturers try to avoid this by disabling the hot water supply to the faucet.

Speakman has put together a short presentation which illustrates & explains these dangers in detail.


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