Solutions and Speakman Go Hand & Hand

Speakman South Regional Manager, David Holbrook, shares his thoughts on solutions, which solve common problems in the plumbing & safety products industries.

Wow what a crazy idea to actually create products that solve industry problems but that’s exactly what Speakman does everyday and not just on one product  but all through the line….Where do I start?

How about the Speakman Low Flow showerheads and valves, not only did Speakman redesign the showerhead to get the best flow for WaterSense, they also redesigned the shower valve to solve the balancing issue that happens with low flow shower heads.

One of my favorite solutions Speakman solved is the Screw on eyewash for a faucet. While the screw on eyewash doesn’t meet ANSI Z358.1 the Speakman SEF-1800 does!  The SEF-1800 delivers a safe water temperature to the eyes each and every time! Its patented design incorporates two separate water channels in the faucet body.

How can we forget the S-9010!  The industries leading vandal resistant electronic faucets, with all components above deck, all maintenance done above deck!  Two dual solid inlets for more secure mounting, all metal housing, filters for both hot and cold sides, fully recessed and vandal proof aerator and the only solenoid repair kit available for low cost maintenance.

A prime example to illustrate David’s article is a recent job Speakman completed for Pope John Paul High School in Royersford, PA.  The high school was looking at various models of flush valves to put into the school which would be easy to maintain.  The engineers working on the school selected Speakman’s flush valve because of two unique Speakman features:

  1. Manual Override…While the Flush Valve itself is sensor operated, the override on these valves is mechanical allowing the urinal or toilet to remain operational without power.
  2. Filtering System Design…Speakman Flush valves are constructed with the filtering system in the tailpiece of the valve, allowing for easy maintenance clean out without ever having to open the valve.

These two features offered Pope John Paul High School, two benefits which would simplify maintenance and provide fail safe operation.


10 thoughts on “Solutions and Speakman Go Hand & Hand

  1. Denise Valentine says:

    Speakman really stepped it up with the redesign on the shower valves! I have seen many more orders for the low-flow heads also…if we could get the engineers down here in Texas to list Speakman as an acceptable manufacturer for flush valves, we would be set!

  2. Steve Williams says:

    As usual, David’s brilliance comes thru…now I know why you are the sales manager, seriously Good points. I especially like the comments about the flush valves, a good point to bring to the engineers attention. We are spending a lot of time pushing flush valves a list of jobs where our flush valves have been used could be helpful.

  3. Mike Billingsley says:

    It is very refreshing to see a company that started in the 1800’s continue to be as innovative and forward thinking in 2010 as the day it was founded!

  4. Ken Hester says:

    David, Great article! Feature and benefits! Not enough people understand the importance of NOT installing the cheap screw on eye washes. Great point!

  5. Al Rathheim says:

    Hey David- great rundown! We’re forwarding a link to your blog to our engineers to give them a summation of the great new things happening at Speakman Company!

  6. Todd Smith says:

    Great article! Good to know in this day and time with all the new regulations being passed that Speakman is on top of it and doing something to solve the future problems.

  7. James Sulko says:

    Great Points, David. We did a school with S-9010’s and had to change out a solenoid, it could not have been easier.

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