Don’t let bad things happen to good showerheads

As a Product Coordinator for Speakman, a large percentage of my life (professional & personal) is: plumbing fixtures, emergency eyewashes, and of course showerheads.  So I have become very sensitive to paying attention to faucets and showerheads.  Over the past few months I have been house hunting and one of the first things I check in each house I look at is what sort of showerhead is in each of the bathrooms.  Laugh if you must, but when you spend a lot of time around plumbing it just sort of becomes part of the routine.   During our hunt I stumbled across a very large master bath, with a Speakman Showerhead, however this poor showerhead had been neglected.   So I wanted to take a minute to get on my plumbing soapbox about showerhead neglect.   Showerhead neglect is no joking matter.  It affects all of us!  First it causes your showerhead to underperform by weakening the spray leaving the user less satisfied.  And secondly it shortens the usable life of the showerhead, creating a financial expense for the owner.

Don’t let this happen to your showerhead! There is an easy solution, give it a periodic cleaning!  How often you should clean it is variable but here are a few tips to help you know when the time is right for a cleaning…

  1. You start to noticed any type of build-up on the face
  2. You see erratic sprays
  3. Weakened sprays or a change in spray flow
  4. The type of water you have will influence how often you clean, harder water needs more frequent cleaning.

So you might be asking yourself ok, well I know when to clean, but how do I clean my showerhead?   Simple, we have full cleaning solutions available for you to view & download here:

Don’t let your showerhead fall victim to corrosion and build up!  Had this showerhead (S-2252-AF) been maintained it would have been the perfect master bath.


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