The Secret to Ordering Safety Repair Parts

Trying to determine what replacement parts you need to order can be a shot in the dark sometimes.  You’ve got the item in your hand but now you have to look through a jungle of parts to try and find a description that sounds like the object you have in your hand.  There has to be a better way to figure out parts!

Well…we felt the same way, hence the birth of Speakman’s pictorial parts sheets.  Our pictorial parts sheets identify the Speakman product that the part belongs to, shows you the description, list price, and a color photograph of the product.  The pictorial sheets take all the guess work out of ordering parts!

Our pictorial parts sheets are only available for our Safety Products at this time, but Plumbing parts sheets are in the works to be live on the web in the next few months.   Our parts sheets reside in two areas of our website.

  1. Product pages – each safety product has a pictorial parts sheet on the product page under the Spec & IOM sheets.
  2. Electronic Literature page – you can download all the Safety Parts sheets for our entire Safety Products line.

Check them out and let us know what you think!


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