Portable Eyewashes, the Plumbing Engineer and Value Engineering

Guest writer, Speakman Director of Commercial/Industrial Sales – Imants Stiebris, shares his thoughts on emergency equipment & value engineering…

Value engineering seems to be a phrase that we are running into quite often.   When projects start running over budget it seems that all eyes turn towards value engineering.  In our industry we often see the sensor faucet converted to a mechanical metering faucet or a solid brass commercial faucet converted to an inexpensive plastic residential faucet.  When Value Engineering takes hold, we even see Emergency Equipment affected.  Could be the style or the quantity.

Knowing all the products in the Speakman portfolio can help the plumbing engineer or end user solve the value engineering puzzle without affecting the safety of the end user.

In general the cost of Emergency Equipment is nominal compared to the cost of the installation.   In areas such as remote shipping and receiving docks, it could be very expensive to provide the necessary piping and freeze protection to provide an eyewash.  In these locations eyewashes are often needed because of the hazardous materials that are being handled or perhaps there is a battery charging system.  Using an ANSI compliant portable eyewash could solve a major cost problem and reduce the projects overall cost.


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