Need Some Speakman Support?

We’ve all been there, product questions, billing questions, order status questions, etc. Our customer service department is available from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm EST by phone 800-537-2207 or email  If you don’t have time to call or your work hours are different from ours, Speakman has alternative methods to get the information you need beyond calling our customer service department…

  1. Product installation, operation, or general product question?  Check out our website FAQs section.  Our FAQs are comprised of the top questions our customer service representatives receive about our products.
  2. Order status question? We’ve created an area of our website where customers can log-in to their own accounts to see all their open orders as well as their order history.  Setting up a log-in takes less than 5 minutes, all you need is your billing zip code & your customer number (can be found on any Speakman invoice)
  3. Email your question.  Speakman has a general customer service mailbox which is checked by several of our customer service representatives.  When you send your email make sure to  include all your contact information, the specifics of your question, and if your question pertains to an order, be sure to include the order number.
  4. If you’ve determined that you need to call, there are two keys to success, know your customer number and if applicable order number you’re calling about.

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