Martha Jefferson Hospital Selects Speakman ADA Compliant Shower Systems for New Healthcare Campus

The Martha Jefferson Hospital, a non-profit community hospital located in Charlottesville, VA, recently began an expansion project to open a new healthcare campus.  Located at Peter Jefferson Place, the new hospital facility will open in 2010 with 176 all-private beds.  The campus offers ease of accessibility to patients while preserving dozens of acres of green space and leaves room for future expansion.

For this new facility Martha Jefferson Hospital selected Speakman to create a custom ADA compliant shower system for patient rooms that not only provided the ADA compliance they needed but also performed at a flow rate of 1.5 GPM.  The low flow VS-1001-ADA-PC features a hand-held shower with chrome finish and a 24” grab/slide bar which meets the ANSI standard 250 lb. pull-test for grab bars. This custom shower system allows the hospital the ability to be ADA compliant, environmentally friendly by saving water and assists with saving the hospital money on their water utility.


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