To Flow Low or Not to Flow Low?

Guest writer, Speakman Regional Manager – West, Glenn Mergelmeyer, wants to know what you think about water conservation…

Recently Water sense has recommended the use of 2.0gpm shower heads to help with water conservation. And as much as I am all for saving water and energy at what point are we going overboard on the reduction of water. I work with engineers and many of them are specifying 1.5 – 1.75 gpm shower heads to get “Leeds” points. I also know of an ECO shower head store that sells more our out 8 jet showerheads replacing the eco showerheads. So my question is…What do you prefer for your personal use? If you are using these on jobs, which do you prefer? Or if you are specifying on jobs are you concerned the end user will switch to a higher flowing head?

Glenn is responsible for Speakman Commercial/Industrial sales in the Western United States. He has been in the plumbing industry for 21 years.


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