Speakman Company Participates in Annual University of Delaware Senior Engineering Design Program

For many years, Speakman Company has been proud to participate in events throughout our community from charity walks, mentoring at a local charter school, food drives and more.  One of the most notable events in the community which Speakman participated in is the University of Delaware’s Senior Engineering Design Program.  For the past five years, Speakman has been a proud participant in this program.  The Senior Engineering Design Program is a senior capstone class for all Mechanical Engineers at the University.  From its inception in 1976, students work for companies in the community to imitate the scenario a young engineer would experience as a part of a design team in industry.  Small teams of four to six students select a company to work with and are assigned a project by that company.   During the course of the project students must:

  • Discover the wants of their  customers,
  • Address problematic constrains of the product
  • Use industry best practices to meet desired functions
  • Generate design concepts
  • Select and model the best concept
  • Create a prototype, test it, re-deign & improve it

This year’s Speakman Design team developed an excellent product while gaining valuable experience before they prepare to graduate and head into the workforce in the Spring of 2010.

This year’s Team Speakman consisted of senior ME students Danial Deleonardis, Erin Phillips, Jason Biddle, Jesse Whitley, and Spencer Popejoy.


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