Speakman Company Launches New Website for Direct to Consumer Sales

Finding the perfect showerhead for your home is no simple task.  Homeowners are faced with a multitude of stores and online retailers which have seemingly endless options of what to buy.  Fortunately Speakman Company has simplified the showerhead purchasing process.  Yesterday Speakman Company launched SpeakmanShowers.com a consumer friendly e-store offering Speakman’s world-renowned showerheads direct to consumers.

The new site offers shoppers various features to enhance their shopping experience:
–       Advanced Search: Allows shoppers to search by showerhead type, finish, price & keyword.
–       Spray Technology: Learn about and see the different showerheads sprays to gain a better understanding of how Speakman became the choice of discriminating showers around the world.
–       Who’s Using: Over 70% of homeowners who own a Speakman showerhead first experienced Speakman at a hotel.  On the Who’s Using page, Speakman helps shoppers identify which Showerhead they used while staying in a hotel.
–       My Account: By signing up for My Account, shoppers can login to see their order information/history as well as receive exclusive sales & shipping promotions.

In addition to the features above, customers will find a simple & fast checkout process.  “While designing the site we stepped back and put ourselves in the position of the shopper” said Victoria Silow, Marketing Manager at Speakman.  “Simplicity and easy navigation are two things we appreciate in an online store, so we were conscious of these goals when we developed Speakmanshowers.com.”

Speakman plans to expand SpeakmanShowers.com further with the introduction of additional shower & bath products such as shower curtains & rods, shower valves, tub spouts, bathroom suites, and of course more showerheads.


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