No Lead Coming to a State Near You?

The new No Lead legislation in California (AB 1953) and Vermont (S.152) is now fully in effect.  This change has begun to transform the way many plumbing manufacturers are producing their products, Speakman included.  The real question is ‘Where will no lead strike next?’  The CA Bill was introduced in California in February of 2006, signed the same year and has just now been put into effect, a rather long process to get a change that many feel was overdue.  However with more and more manufacturers getting on the no lead band wagon to protect their market shares, will more and more states follow California & Vermont’s leads with a variety of lead free products being available?

Right now the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia have legislation similar to CA & VT under consideration.  These pieces of legislation did not become introduced in these states until Fall of 2009, but will likely take less time to pass than the CA legislation did.   What many will find to be less surprising but way more impactful, is that the Plumbing Manufacturers Institute is hard at work trying to pass legislation which would parallel California & Vermont’s legislation in other states as well as nationally.  If successful in their efforts, No Lead Products would become standard throughout the country and the plumbing industry.  This measure would be a huge step forward in protecting citizens from potential lead exposure in drinking water.

Speakman like many other manufacturers has taken the necessary measures to be sure our products meet the standards set forth by California & Vermont, right now about 85% of our faucet products, which need to meet lead free compliance are available as Lead Free with more and more products being converted on an on-going basis.  On our site we offer a No Lead Section which explains a little bit more about What it means to be Lead Free, Frequently Asked Questions about No Lead Products, and links to our No Lead products.  If you’d like to see additional information on no lead one of our favorite sites for the latest news on no lead happenings is  This site created by Watts is a great resource to stay current on the latest legislative measures by state.


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