Today, We Mourn The Loss Of A Speakman Icon

It is with deep sadness to announce that Tom Stoddard, former Vice President of Speakman Company, has passed away on April 8th, 2014 at the age of 102.

TommybyLoriTom began his career with Speakman in 1928 at the age of 16 to help his family survive the Great Depression. During his tenure, he made his way through the ranks from errand boy, to assistant works manager, to Vice President of the company. Today, his now legendary 80-year career is forever embedded in the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records for having “worked longer with the same company than anyone else ever anywhere.”

TommyFINALBut to everyone at Speakman, Tom was more than just a name in a record book… he was a family member.

“Tommy was an inspiration in the way he lived his life,” says Robert Cook, President/CEO of Speakman. “He was one of the most positive people we have ever known. God bless you Tommy.”

For more information on Tom Stoddard and his amazing life, please visit here.

2014 Speakman Bathroom Design Awards

Lights. Camera. Action. On Sunday night, the stars were out in full force for Hollywood’s biggest night. “12 Years A Slave” took home the award for Best Picture. Matthew Mcconaughey won Best Actor for his breathtaking performance in “Dallas Buyers Club.” And for the second year in a row, Jennifer Lawrence fell on live television.

As the award season comes to an end, we’d like to cap off these ceremonies with our own personal winners with the 2014 Speakman Bathroom Design Awards. Here, you won’t feel painfully awkward every time the orchestra cuts off an acceptance speech. No one will trip up the steps when running to receive their award. And we are 100% positive there will be zero wardrobe malfunctions.

These awards simply acknowledge excellence in bathroom design. And hopefully, these creative bathrooms will help inspire your own decision making when planning your upcoming bathroom renovation.

Best Animated/Children’s Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: Arkin Tilt Architects

Children’s bathrooms should be inviting and functional. This beautifully colorful bathroom would entice kids of all ages. And a low wall bathtub is easily accessible without risk of a slip.

Best Romantic Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: Gregory’s Interiors

Run the tub, light some candles, grab the wine and lose yourself with the one you love in this perfectly elegant bathroom by Gregory’s Interiors.

Best Dramatic Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: David Wilkes Builders

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll completely fall in love with the performance put on by this luxurious dramatic bathroom.

Best Feminine Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: Pinto Design & Associates

This brilliantly clean, traditionally styled bathroom is ideal for any modern women. It gets our vote.

Best Masculine Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: Lisa Wolfe Design, Ltd

The new “man cave.” Incredible design. Bravo!

Best Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: Malcolm Davis Architecture

This for us is a no contest. Simple, elegant, and completely extravagant. OBSESSED!

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4 Easy Ways To De-Stress Your Bathroom

With all the daily activities occurring in your bathroom on a regular basis, this seemingly innocent location can instantly transform into a medieval dungeon overnight. Clogs in the drain. Hair ties somehow finding their way onto every surface imaginable. Globs of toothpaste cementing on your bathroom sink.

Before your bathroom turns into a destination you dread, check out these 4 easy steps you can take to keep your bathroom beautiful and stress-free below.

1. Keep Go-To Products On Hand

If you’re anything like the majority of mankind, you wait until your bathroom is completely out-of-control before you even consider cleaning it. And when that time does come, you suit up as if you’re gearing for war, with rubber gloves as your armor, and a bottle of Clorox as your weapon. But if you kept some necessary cleaning utensils under your bathroom sink, common problems would be painlessly solved within minutes.



2. Save Your Fancy Towels For Guests

If a towel is there, no matter how fancy it is, you’re going to use it. But before you know it, that decorative hand towel you spent way too much money on will begin to feel like a cat’s tongue from all the products caked into its fibers.

Try keeping your old towels out on your bathroom towel ring for your daily usage and put the fancy ones on display when guests come over. If you’re the only one who sees it, then who cares… right?

SA-1104_Ring3. Trash Old Products

Have you ever been guilty of neglecting your shaving due to an old razor feeling as smooth as a rusty hatchet? Do you play this game of chicken with your body because buying new razors is a costly hassle? Chances are you’ve done this before. But did you know that most of the products in your bathroom have expiration dates? From toothbrushes to rubbing alcohol, trash your products that no longer belong in this world. And consider checking out companies like Dollar Shave Club, who ship amazing razors straight to your door for only a few bucks a month. Learn more here.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

4. Organize Your Reading Materials

Whether it’s a book, magazine, iPad or Kindle, you’ve read in the bathroom at some point or another. But if you don’t have proper organization for your reading material, your bathroom will become an eyesore. Not to mention, if you have indeed made the transition into the digital age, you’re subjecting your electronics to potential damage by leaving them out.

A simple magazine rack or some creative bathroom storage lifehacks will instantly solve your organizational dilemma.



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5 Quick Steps On How To Set Up A Romantic Bath

“No, I won’t join you in the bathtub” – said no husband ever. Let’s be honest, taking a bath with your significant other is an unbelievably romantic, intimate, and personal experience. And it should be done right.

Nothing kills the mood more than an awkward bath-time situation. A misplaced foot here, a tight squeeze there, and BAM!, moment dead. Such a romantic situation like this deserves adequate preparation.

Below, check out some super simple steps you can take to ensure that your bathtub rendezvous goes blissfully perfect.



1. Clean Your Bathtub

Nothing says romance quite like a tub filled with grime and soap scum. Seriously, make sure your bathroom is spotless. From the tub to the walls, get-a-scrubbin’.

2. Select A Perfect Time

This isn’t college, Attempting to set up a romantic time with the risk of being caught is no longer exciting. It’s just annoying. Make sure the kids are away, the roommates are busy, and no one will barge in.



3. Setting The Mood

Kill the lights and surround your bathroom with some beautifully lit, intensely romantic candles. Just imagine the entire room solely illuminated by the flickering of tiny, enticing flames. And while you’re at it, create a playlist consisting of both of your favorite songs, allowing the music to soundtrack your intimate night.



4. Don’t Over Do It

Rose petals on top of the water are a given. You know this already. But don’t go crazy dumping product after product into the water. Too many additions will result in overly fragrant water. Let the petals do the work for you. They will naturally scent your bath water brilliantly.

5. An Extra Touch

If you really want to put a cherry on top of this perfect night, consider throwing your bathrobes or towels in the dryer before you step in. That way, you and your significant other will be warm and cozy after jumping out of the tub.



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The Valentine’s Day Guide To The Bathroom

Valentine’s Day, a glorious occasion where Hallmark’s stock skyrockets, romantic comedies flood your local movie house, and men, nationwide, will travel home from work with a bouquet of roses clutched within their arms.

Despite how you feel about this holiday’s origin, Valentine’s Day is for romance. A day where you should make it your number 1 priority to cherish the person you love most in this world.

Now, you can spend Valentine’s Day like everyone else: Fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant. Tickets to an extravagant play. A couples massage. Or you can be completely original, and create a truly intimate atmosphere in a totally unexpected place… the bathroom.

Or more specifically, the bathtub. Just picture it. The sounds from the outside world completely fading away. A steaming tub just waiting to soothe you. And nothing but the water and the bubbles separating you from the person you love.

Below, check out some incredible Valentine’s Day decorating ideas for your bathroom that will completely astonish the love of your life.

Rose Petals

Naturally, no Valentine’s Day bathtub is complete without a beautiful array of rose petals sitting gracefully atop the water. That’s a given. But if you don’t have the time to pluck each and every individual petal off the rose, consider grabbing some silk petals that are remarkably realistic and easy to clean up. Learn more here.



V-Day Soap

Whenever I think of Valentine’s Day, I’m instantly taken back to elementary school, praying that someone would give me those adorable candy hearts with the messages written on them. Today, I still believe that this grade school gift is an incredibly romantic gesture. But instead of handing out chalk flavored candy, consider filling your bathtub up with these deliciously scented candy heart soaps. I think you’ll love the results. Learn more here.



Bubble Bath Bar

No romantic bath is complete without the addition of luscious, frothy bubbles filling your tub. Just simply crack this bar under hot running water to allow a plethora of suds to produce within seconds. Learn more here.



His and Hers Towels

Nothing makes a couples’ bathroom cuter than separate, labeled accessories. And is there anything truly cuter than this towel set? The answer is no. Check them out here.



And make sure you show them off in style with this elegant double robe hook here.

19cb37f6-a6a4-487e-8bd3-ab224243df48_300Shower For Two

Not everyone has a bathtub. And I get that. But that doesn’t mean you should let it get in the way of some bathroom romance. Two headed shower combos are the ideal solution to cohesive bathing. Whether you prefer a handheld shower head, or one that is fixed to the wall, these babies will ensure you can always enjoy a romantic experience together. Learn more here.

Neo Combination Shower

Neo Combination Shower

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5 Weird, Strange, and Unique Bathroom Products That You’ll Oddly Fall In Love With

We’ve relentlessly searched through Amazon, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post to find some of the most unusual bathroom products the World Wide Web has to offer.

But be forewarned… You may find yourself compelled to spontaneously purchase any or all of these unnecessary products (or lose yourself in a fit of rage that you didn’t come up with these ideas on your own).

But in any case, enjoy.

1. AquaNotes Waterproof Paper and Pencil

via Amazon

via Amazon

Never allow your shower time ideas to dump down the drain again. When bath time creativity strikes, you’ll be ready with this incredible product. For more, visit here.

2. Shaving Pedestal

via Frontgate

via Frontgate

Built in storage for razors, adhesive strips require no tools for installation, and bathroom routines get taken to a whole new level of ease. Ladies, you’re welcome. For more, visit here.

3. Razor Shaped Bathroom Mirror Cleaner

via BaronBob

via BaronBob

Completely unnecessary, mildly ridiculous, 100% amazing. Never be frustrated by the foggy condensation that clouds your bathroom mirror again with this outstanding product here.

4. AquaSense Massage Bath Mat

via AquaSense

via AquaSense

You’ll never have a logical reason for leaving the shower again. For more, visit here.

5. Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

via Amazon

via Amazon

Perfect for the man who has zero aspirations of ever getting married, this absurd product can complete your frat house bathroom here.

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5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2014

It’s that special time of year when your New Year’s Resolution becomes a laughable thing of the past, your neighbors who still have their Christmas decorations up go from pleasantly festive to unbearably lazy, and you’re potentially in the opening phases of planning your home renovation.

But before you start swiping your credit card on fads that will fizzle by the end of next week, check out these 2014 design trends that are sure to stick around for the foreseeable future… Or at least until 2015.

1. Kick It To The Curb

More and more, we are seeing homeowners opting for the curbless shower. It’s intimate and artistic, and seems to be a staple in every modern home.

2. The Tub Stands Alone

Although the bathtub seems to be disappearing in the modern home, if a homeowner does opt to cozy up to a warm bath and a good book, they’ll probably decide to install a free standing tub.

3. The Color Purple

And no, we don’t mean the beautifully moving Oprah film, we mean Pantone’s purplish/pink 2014 Color Of The Year: Radian Orchid. Consider adding a splash to your bathroom or even some decorative wall art that utilizes the shade.

4. The U-Socket

Chances are, most of the devices currently ruling your life charge by use of a USB cable. In a world where USB reigns supreme, U-Sockets will be the wave of the future. So whether you’re rocking out to your favorite T-Swift song on iTunes, or simply keeping your Kindle charged while reading in the tub, you’ll definitely want to install a U-Socket.

5. It’s Hip To Be Square

Square shower heads that is. Unique, geometric shapes are becoming the norm in both traditional and modern bathrooms. They are eye-popping, head-turning rock stars that will command your attention immediately.

The Edge Shower Head

The Edge Shower Head

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